Enemies Conclusion

Series: Truth Bible Study

August 20, 2023
Dr. Theresa M Bell

Dr. Bell concludes the study on enemies. Enemies come into our life to either teach us a lesson or test us on what we’ve learned. Enemies come to stir us up. Enemies come to lead us on the path that God has for our life. Enemies come to expose a door or a blessing. Sometimes enemies will cost us something. The blessing is in the release. The enemy can show up in five areas of our life in our relationships, possessions, our health, our friendships, and our finances. Often times to release the enemy in our life we have to let go of some possessions. Sometimes we have to let go of certain things in our lifestyle to improve our health. Often times we have to lose some friendships that are not benefiting us or allowing us to move forward in the call that God has on our life. And other times we may have to release some things or some desires, some wants in order to manage our finances. There are times we have to go and do more in order to gain the finances, we need to manage our household. Nevertheless, the enemy comes to stir up the situation and circumstances in our life to lead us to that thing that we need in our life. So, when we see an enemy, we are to act like James and count it all joy . Because again the enemy comes to promote you. 

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