Do Not Be A Debtor to No Man

Series: Truth Bible Study

July 26, 2023
Dr. Theresa M Bell

People try to speak on the scriptures, and they do not speak on them in the context in which it was written. Romans 13:1-8 places the context of why the scripture of being a debtor to no man was written. It explains that we are not to be in obligation or loyalty to no man, but all power belongs to God. When we resist the power of God, when we resist asking God or going to God for the desires of our heart, we sit in damnation of ourselves. We are to do what is right by the ordinances of God and bless the mouthpieces of God. We should not be afraid of any conviction if we are living according to God’s laws and His plan for our soul. As long as we are not doing evil and not living in vanity, we are living in the will of God and thereby we are not being judged. We are called to love one another but we are to understand what love is for ourselves. This is the only way we will be able to appreciate love and recognize love when we encounter it. For by this is the only way that we can fulfill the law.

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