Carrying Christ 4

Series: Truth Bible Study

November 08, 2023
Dr. Theresa M Bell

Dr Bell teaches that we are to let our yes be yes and our no be no. Hot or cold. Anything else is confusion or compromise. You do or you don’t. There should be no lukewarm. You cannot trust a double-minded individual. Scripture tells us to be perfect as our Father is perfect. Perfection is not a destination it is a process. Do not give the flesh and inch or it will take a mile. Some people are stagnant because they live a lifestyle of compromise. If anything does not appear that God will get the glory in the end, do not entertain it. Be careful of doing things simply to be seen. Logos, wrap around logos on vans stating the name of the company as they deliver food or whatever commodity just to be seen doing something. Judge others for their sins and their wrongdoings, and you will be judged for your iniquity. According to the same measure, you will get it back unto you. All have sinned and fallen short. No one is better than any other. Some are trying to reach around the beam in their own eye and trying to take out the mote in another’s eye. They are trying to see past their own mess instead of trying to resolve it. The false prophets have no evidence of Christ. That form of godliness. There are people that talk a good game. But their heart is nowhere with God. They worship in vanity, meaning they put on a good show in front of others but they are saying what they want to. They do not sit or have a relationship with God to teach what God wants to teach. That is so common nowadays. People are used to people structuring their messages to get things off their chest to where people do not even pay attention anymore. These are the commandments. We ought to follow the commandments of God when we are representing Christ. We should not do these things physically nor do them spiritually. Murder, be careful how we talk to one another. We can kill their spirit. Adultery. Be careful glorifying other gods and be careful how we talk to married people. Women should not flirt with married men. Men should not fantasize about being sexual with married women. Remember it is what we do in our heart. We do not have to complete the act physically. Adultery is already done in the heart. Infidelity is in the heart. Murder is of the heart. Casting judgement on others is a sign of murder because it keeps you from treating an individual the way we should base on how you perceive them in your heart.

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