Dive Deeper

Dive Deeper

An audio/podcast ministry of Lostant-Richland United Methodist Church.

Mark Nowakowski

Last Episode Published July 29, 2020 1:05 PM

Would you like to stay connected? Share or re-examine our weekly message? Maybe you'd like to go deeper? Well now you can! Join us here regularly as Pastor Mark leads our online study and invites us all to Dive Deeper into God's Word. Dive Deeper is an outreach and educational ministry of Lostant-Richland United Methodist Church. THE LITTLE CHURCH WITH A BIG HEART Located in the heart of North Central Illinois, Lostant - Richland United Methodist Church is a safe encouraging place to explore, learn, and grow in your faith. We are a multi-generational church family that meets for worship every Sunday at 8 AM in Leonore and 9 AM at Lostant, as well as, other special days throughout the year. Our Cover-to-Cover Bible Study Group meets every 3rd week immediately after worship too! Everyone is welcome! Worship is a casual, come as you like atmosphere with a strong accent on interactive teaching and experiential moments in prayer, music, and connection.

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Dive Deeper Episode 1 July 29 2020 Lostant-Richland United Methodist Church Podcasts July 29, 2020 1:05 PM