No 11 Heir To The Promises

Series: Divine Destiny - With Paul Worden

September 26, 2022
Paul Worden

You are about to discover a spiritual truth so tremendous that, when you grasp it, your entire life will change. You are an heir! You may not have a rich relative or a financial endowment that has been passed down to you, but you are a spiritual heir of an inheritance that is far greater. It is an inheritance so great that it encompasses every area of your life. It has the capacity to heal every painful experience you have ever had, supply every need, and equip you for victorious living and effective service in God’s Kingdom. This spiritual inheritance is called “the Abrahamic covenant.” The Abrahamic covenant will take you beyond a blessing into a realm that makes the impossible possible. As God had promised, Abraham was eventually blessed with a son, Isaac, through whom the nation of Israel was birthed:

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