Is there a secret to getting our prayers answered? Is there some ritual I must perform to get God to answer my prayers? I have often asked myself, others, and I even asked God. The answer to that question is: NO. There are, however, laws to prayer like there are laws to everything else. I am not talking about man-made laws that are far from flawless, but laws God has put in place are perfect. God put laws of nature in place to keep things in balance. Even in space, there are laws in place; otherwise, the planet mars may be knocking at your front door. Our bodies are held together because of the laws God put in place. Getting saved; a law was put in place for you to be saved. Praying and your prayer life also has rules, and God enforces these rules. When you were a child, if you run up to your dad or mom and you ask them for a new sports car knowing that you are neither old enough nor have a driver's license, it makes it a very unreasonable request on your part. We also make unreasonable requests from God, which we will get into later in this message. I am going to attempt to bring out some fundamental laws when it comes to prayer, and to get your prayers answered,

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