Love in Action

Series: Ron's Message

June 04, 2023
Ron Alfredson

In our society, it is hard to find sincere love. We get a lot of mouth action but no sincerity from the heart action. We love when it is convenient or as we desire to give love or to whom we think is worthy of our love. Love is an action word and not a lip-moving word. This love that we are to be showing others, and what these verses are talking about, is Christ's love working in us. Christians seem to have a tough time showing love, and I think it is because we have been blessed by what God has given us that we refuse to share or give. After all, in our carnal minds, we think God will not replenish what we have given to others. Don't tie God's hands. To begin with, you own nothing. God owns everything, and with that in mind, when you give or help God's people, you are opening your selves up to receive greater blessings than what you have shared.

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