#14 How Long Will It Take

Series: Divine Destiny - With Paul Worden

May 22, 2023
Paul Worden

Jacob was an heir to the covenant promises of Abraham, but he did not realize the truth of his position in God, so he struggled spiritually for years. He did not comprehend his divine destiny or the fact that he was to be the father of Israel. He did not enjoy the provisions already given him but manipulated and deceived others to try to obtain what he wanted. Faith is a fact, but faith is also an act. What Jacob needed to do–and what we as believers need to do–is realize who we are in God and act upon that knowledge. You are an heir of God's promises! You do not have to struggle to receive these promises. You do not have to wrestle to claim them. If you are a born-again believer, you are already an heir of the promises of God.

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