#11 The Trap of Compromise

Series: Divine Destiny - With Paul Worden

April 29, 2023
Paul Worden

Because of a lack of understanding of God's promises, Jacob almost succumbed again to the trap of compromise. God had told Jacob to return to his homeland, that it would be well with him, and that he would be blessed. Doubting God's promises and acting out of fear, Jacob made plans to compromise with his brother, who he perceived as his enemy. He decided he would try to appease Esau with bribes and gifts. One of the greatest temptations believers face when we encounter challenges is to compromise. For example, a church may sincerely want to reach a city for God. They have the spiritual power and authority to do this, but what they do instead is compromise biblical standards to try to attract people to the church. They try wooing them with worldly activities instead of creating an environment where the supernatural power of God is manifested. They let down their godly standards to achieve what the world calls "success" in their ministries.

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