36 Living as Beloved Children and Fragrant Offerings - Ephesians 5'1-2

Series: Ephesians: Blessed Be God

November 05, 2023
John Owen Butler

AM Worship Service, 05 November 2023, Lebanon Presbyterian Church (PCA), Abbeville County, South Carolina, USA

Episode Notes

Reflective Questions on this morning's sermon on Ephesians 5:1-2
1. Understanding 'Therefore': How does understanding the context in Ephesians 4 affect your interpretation of Ephesians 5:1-2? Do you see a strong connection between putting off the old self and being an imitator of God?
2. Imitating God: In what specific ways do you feel you are currently imitating God in your life? Where do you see room for improvement?
3. Beloved Children: How does knowing you are a 'beloved child' of God impact your willingness or ability to imitate Him?
4. Walking in Love: What does "walking in love" look like in your daily life? Can you identify specific instances where you've done this recently?
5. Christ's Standard: How does understanding Christ's love and sacrifice for you influence your own acts of love and sacrifice for others?
6. Fragrant Offering: What do you think it means for your life to be a "fragrant offering" to God? Are there areas where you feel your life is not pleasing to God?
7. Objections and Answers: Consider the objections brought up in the sermon (difficult people, self-needs, imperfection). How do these resonate with you, and how do the Biblical answers challenge you?
8. Christ's Empowerment: How does knowing that Christ empowers you to live this out change your perspective on the commands of this passage?
9. Role of the Holy Spirit: In what ways have you experienced the Holy Spirit’s work of sanctification, empowerment, and guidance in your life?
10. Prayer and Application: How can you practically apply these teachings in the week ahead? What specific steps can you take, and how can you incorporate prayer into this process?
May these questions help guide your reflection on the profound and empowering truths found in Ephesians 5:1-2.

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