10 Reverence Amid Vanity - Ecclesiastes 5'1-7

Series: Ecclesiastes: Life Under the Sun

November 07, 2023
John Owen Butler

PM Worship Service, 05 November 2023, Lebanon Presbyterian Church (PCA), Abbeville County, South Carolina, USA

Episode Notes

Reflection Questions on This Evening's Sermon on Ecclesiastes 5:1-7
1. Reverence in Worship: How does the way you approach God in worship compare with the "guarding of steps" described in Ecclesiastes? In what areas do you feel you approach God with genuine reverence, and where might you be more casual?
2. Active Listening vs. Rituals: Reflect on your personal times of worship or communal worship experiences. Are there moments when rituals overshadow genuine listening to God's Word? How can you be more intentional in prioritizing active listening?
3. Weight of Words: Consider the vows or promises you've made, especially in the context of your faith. Are there commitments you've struggled to keep? How does understanding the weightiness of words challenge or affirm your current approach?
4. Jesus as Our Model: How does the example of Jesus' reverence for the Father and His intentionality in speech challenge or inspire you? In what ways can you emulate His example in your daily life?
5. The Role of the Holy Spirit: How have you experienced the guidance of the Holy Spirit in cultivating a heart of reverence and wisdom? Are there areas in your life where you need to be more attuned to the Spirit's leading?
6. Assessing our Rituals: Are there religious practices or rituals in your life that may have lost their original meaning or significance? How can you reintroduce a heart-centered approach to these practices?
7. The Grace of Christ: Reflect on times when you've fallen short in reverence, sincerity, or commitment. How does the grace and love of Christ provide comfort and encouragement in these moments?
8. Personal Application: Based on today's sermon, what practical steps can you take this week to deepen your reverence for God, be more intentional in your commitments, and prioritize genuine worship?
9. Community Reflection: How can you encourage and support fellow believers in your community to approach God with greater reverence and authenticity in their worship?
10. Prayerful Reflection: Spend some time in prayer, asking God to reveal areas in your life where you can grow in reverence, wisdom, and genuine worship. Ask for the Holy Spirit's guidance in making necessary changes and for the grace to continue growing in your relationship with God.
Use these questions for personal reflection throughout the week or consider discussing them with a small group or a trusted friend. Let the truths from the sermon continue to shape and transform your walk with God.

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