The goal of HEART OF THE CITY RADIO is to support, encourage and promote the local independent Christian music recording community while providing a unique listening experience to anyone, regardless of their faith-walk, to enjoy a truly eclectic mix of positive, encouraging and inspiring music in the many styles reflecting the rich diversity of our many cultures! Our "target" audience is anyone seeking a refreshing, family-friendly, positive radio listening experience. And given its eclectic nature, our music will appeal to listeners of all ages and cultural backgrounds! From rap/urban, to contemporary, to pop, modern worship, Latino, reggae, black gospel, etc. - at HEART OF THE CITY RADIO, there will always be something for everyone! Now listen to over 60 back episodes via: SoundCloud, iTunes and TuneIn Radio! Follow us on FB and Twitter. Write to us at or call/text 612-327-5126. And please help spread the word about HEART OF THE CITY RADIO!!

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