Jesus's resurrection and our resurrection, here's how it all comes together

October 07, 2020
Robert J.

As you know nothing that Jesus did in the plan of salvation was for him , but instead it was for fallen mankind . He even went to hell on our behalf because that is were we would have to go because of sin. But the Holy Spirit came powerfully booming down though the pit's of hell raising him from the dead and not one demon could stop it from happening . Then Jesus come back to life and preached to the spirits that were in prison, showing them his nail pierced hands and side as the risen Christ God's Messiah . This powerful act that he preformed gave those lost souls the chance to except him as their Lord and Savior and they rose from the dead along with him read Matthew 27: 52 . We who have excepted him as our Lord also rose from the dead with him also. But our mortal bodies were not affected buy this new birth , that's why it often tries to act a fool on us, wanting to go places and do things that is against who we truly are, But this is were the Holy Spirit who raised Jesus body from the dead also raises our unsaved bodies from the dead on a daily bases read Romans 8:11 . God leaves it up to us to do something about our unsaved bodies because he has already done something about out dead human spirit's just as he did the same for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for we have the same Resurrection that he has . Please Join me in this life transforming message and i believe that you will be changed for ever to the glory of God .

Episode Notes

Romans 8:10-11

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