when a person receives Jesus Christ as Lord They receive a brand new identity according to ( 2 Corinthians 5:17) . therefore jest as when a caterpillar becomes a lovely butterfly its whole life and concept about life and travel changes yet it is the same animal . in the same way as the butterfly which was once a lowly and humble caterpillar . we must lift our sights to the real us in Christ . forget what happen in the past because faith is always now today !. Just as 2 Corinthians 5:17 all so lets us know that not only is the believer a new creation but , we our self's must embrace the fact that as anything brand new , We also come with a owners manual which is the word of God , we also processes new equipment which is completely different from the old unborn again self. Romans 8:37 says the believer is more then conquerors though him who loved us , plus i would like to add just like when we buy a new car, truck or appliance they all come with standard equipment and so dose this new creation , everything that Jesus had and used as he walked this earth over 2,000 years ago, we also have as children of God . Join me in these wonderful podcasts and be amazed at who we are, what we have , and what we can do though the new birth . Enjoy

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