My name is Mark Gamblin & I am the leader of Doxa Encounters Ministries; a prophetic, healing & revival based ministry. I am convinced that normal church is what you see in the book of Acts & in the life of Jesus; revival, Holy Spirit poured out. power of God let loose. Mass healings, raising of the dead. Salvation's. Large churches. Demons cast out, the prophetic word. Lifestyle of holiness & preaching repentance. I believe that this is the standard that is set for normal church life! Everything below that standard is subnormal church. And I believe that it is time to raise the standard and set heights higher for what can happen in church gatherings. If you like what you hear, why don't you join our on-line community and receive deeper teaching, tools and freebies on the prophetic and healing ministry: Visit our ministry website: and join up.

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