The Reckless Love of God Hosea 3

Series: The Relentless Love of God

October 19, 2023
Jeff Harrington

Chapter 3 finds Hosea and Gomer separated because she has abandoned him. In abandoning Hosea, Gomer is no longer under Hosea’s protection and care. She is taken advantage of and one of her so-called lovers becomes her master and she becomes enslaved to him. When her usefulness to him has passed he decides to sell her in the slave market. Now if I were Hosea I would be thinking all of this serves Gomer right, but the Lord instructs Hosea to go find her and buy her out of the slave market. Consider this, if other folks thought Hosea a fool for just marrying such a woman, what do you suppose they would think about him buying her out of the slave market to restore her as his wife?

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