Romans 14.1-12

Series: Habakkuk 2:4 Series - Romans

March 11, 2019
Jeff Harrington

Christians have differed over what is and what is not appropriate for Christians to participate in since the founding of the church. Consider the problems faced by new Christians in the Roman Empire. What if you were a stone mason who worked for a business involved in the building of the walls of a heathen temple or a seamstress who worked for tailor who made robes for heathen priests? Should you look for another job? What if you worked for an incense maker or a silversmith or goldsmith who primarily made his money through idolatry? What if you were a sailor who worked on a ship dedicated to some sea god? What if you were a doctor? Should you work with the sick found in hospitals dedicated to the god, Aesculapius? New Christians were trying to determine where and when to draw the lines. Christians then, as now, drew their lines differently. So how should I respond to you if your list of do's & don't's is different from mine? Paul gives us the answer in Romans 14.

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