Romans 12.1-8

Series: Habakkuk 2:4 Series - Romans

February 04, 2019
Jeff Harrington

Paul, thus far has described the problem of righteousness which is condemnation because of sin (Romans 1-3:20), the provision of righteousness which is justification in Christ (Romans 3:21-5:21), the power of righteousness which is sanctification enabled by the Spirit (Romans 6-8), and the program of righteousness in the case of the nation of Israel (Romans 9-11). From chapter 12 to the end of the book we learn of the practice of righteousness or the outworking of righteousness through our service to Christ. Verses 1-2 deals with our relationship to God which is to be one of sacrificial devotion, next he addresses our relationship to ourselves in verse 3 which involves evaluating ourselves with sober judgment, and then we consider our relationship with others in the church through the sharing of our gifts in verses 4 through 8.

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