Matthew 6:9-11 The Model Prayer

Series: The Sermon on the Mount

June 30, 2023
Jeff Harrington

The passage we get into today is commonly referred to as the Lord’s Prayer; however, this is not a prayer Jesus would have prayed. Why not? Well for one thing He would never need to ask to be forgiven His debts. This prayer is more accurately called a model prayer or a sample prayer. Jesus had just finished saying how not to pray and now He says, “Instead, pray in this way.” Again I want you to note the prayer is short and to the point and yet it touches upon the main things we are to address in our prayers. It begins with worship and adoration then transitions to petition and supplication. Note how the petitions begin with God’s concerns and will and not our own concerns and will. There are six separate petitions in this prayer and the first three of them address God’s concerns. The idea is His interests trump our interests.

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