Matthew 6:12-15 Am I forgiven conditionally or unconditionally?

Series: The Sermon on the Mount

July 06, 2023
Jeff Harrington

Are you ever confused about the finality of forgiveness? When you became a Christian did Christ forgive you of all of your sins meaning all the sins you would ever commit? Or did He only forgive you of all the sins you had committed up to the point when you became a Christian? When I was a kid it seemed like on some occasions I heard sermons about how all my sins were forgiven in Jesus Christ and on other occasions I was taught I was still in need of God’s forgiveness in some way. I found this confusing (we’re all my sins forgiven or not) and it sometimes resulted in insecurity about my standing before God and worries about God punishing me for unforgiven sins. Such insecurity cannot help but create an emotional distance from God.

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