Genesis 31:17-55 How God Uses Difficult People In Our Lives

Series: From Jacob to Israel

February 14, 2022
Jeff Harrington

In the 1970’s it was popular for a while for Christian guys to give their Christian girlfriend’s Mizpah Coin necklaces. The Mizpah Coin was split in two with the idea being your girlfriend would wear one-half of the coin on her necklace and then you wore the other half of the coin on your necklace to remind you both that you were one half of a whole whenever you spent any time away from one another. The Mizpah Coin concept was based upon the passage we cover today. In the 1970’s the idea was “the Lord watch over you and me while we are away from one another” in a romantic sense. However, as originally designed the Mizpah was a way that Jacob and Laban came up with to say the Lord watch between us, not because they care about one another (as in Lord please watch out for my good friend Laban while we are away from each other) but because they don’t trust one another (as in Lord keep an eye on that thieving liar Laban while he is away from me).

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