Colossians 1:15-20 - Firstborn of Creation; Firstborn from the Dead

Series: Greater Than

April 15, 2022
Jeff Harrington

So we see these pre-Gnostic sects believed in a supreme being, the need for salvation, and spirit beings, but they also believed that the brand of Christianity preached by Paul was a crude and primitive interpretation of spiritual reality. To counteract and neutralize such teaching Paul mentions seven unique characteristics of Christ, which fittingly qualify Him to have the preeminence. Paul says Jesus is: (1) the image of God (the most supreme being), (2) the Firstborn over Creation (he was preeminent over all created things rather than a part of the created order), (3) Creator of the universe, (4) Head of the church, (5) Firstborn from the dead, (6) the fullness of God, and (7) the Reconciler of all things…making this one of the most theologically rich passages concerning the deity of Christ found in the Bible.

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