Colossian 2:11-15 Why You Don't Need to Ask God for Forgiveness

May 17, 2022
Jeff Harrington

Some Christians have a dyslexic interpretation of one of Jesus’ final statements on the cross because they behave as if He didn’t say, “It is finished!”, but rather as though He had asked, “Is it finished?” Now the distinction could not be greater. You will live your life one way if you still wonder if it’s finished and you will live your life quite differently if you know beyond any doubt it is finished. Some in Colossae were being taken captive by philosophies that claimed nothing was finished in Christ and He was only part of a greater process. Jesus in their view was not the main thing that mattered in your spiritual development and life He was only one thing in a series of things that mattered. In this epistle, Paul will demonstrate that theological errors such as misunderstanding the sufficiency of Christ inevitably result in practical errors such as your trying to do more because Christ was somehow insufficient.

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