Acts 12

Series: Acts of the Apostles

July 31, 2017
Jeff Harrington

Some people pray for a spouse...a child...a healing...and then they have a dramatic providential story of how that prayer was answered. However, we all know people who prayed just as earnestly and they never found that spouse...never had that child...never received that healing. Answered prayer seems so arbitrary sometimes it's difficult to pray with why should I pray? In Acts 12, the church prays earnestly for the Apostle James and the Apostle Peter, but they receive two different answers. The Apostle James is martyred and the Apostle Peter is released. No doubt they prayed just as earnestly for James to be released as Peter, but James was beheaded. Why did the church receive different answers to their prayers? This sermon discusses the power of unbelieving prayer.

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