1 Samuel 29 & 30

Series: The Life of David

January 11, 2021
Jeff Harrington

David’s life appears to be running smoothly since he made the decision to defect to the Philistine camp. He doesn’t have to wander all over the desert anymore hiding in caves, in fact, a whole town has been given to him. Saul had even given up his pursuit of him. The Philistines give him so much personal freedom that he can even go out behind their backs and raid the enemies of Israel...and after all isn't all of this God's will? However, the other shoe is about to drop in two significant ways. David’s deception of the Philistines has painted him into a corner where he may be tempted to keep up the ruse to save his own hide! He will be rescued from this temptation by the mercy of God only to walk from the frying pan into the fire.

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