1 Samuel 20-21

Series: The Life of David

November 09, 2020
Jeff Harrington

Forty or fifty years ago, the nation's heroes were usually portrayed only in the best light for there was a desire to keep their public reputations pristine. Rarely, if ever, was the country made aware of their personal shortcomings...their alcoholism, their promiscuity, their racism, their gambling, etc. Why? Because their private image was considered a separate issue from their public image. The Bible, to the surprise of some, never does this with its heroes...it reveals its heroes, "warts and all." This is one of the reasons some have argued the Bible is not a man-made document...men are not inclined to report their own failings. You think Moses wanted to write about his temper issues? You think Peter wanted people to know about his denials? Yet, within the pages of the sacred text we are made painfully aware of their shortcomings as well as their victories. David is one such hero. Like others, before and after him, David both succeeds and fails greatly. James said, "We all stumble in many ways..." Today we see more evidence of David's move from faith to fear, and the results for him and those around him.

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