Clarke Dixon

Title Speaker Date
Should Have Seen It Clarke Dixon February 26, 2021
There is a Better Way! Clarke Dixon March 06, 2021
Are Troubles Evidence that God Has Abandoned Us? Clarke Dixon March 12, 2021
What is the Greatest Threat to the Church Moving Forward in Our Day? Clarke Dixon March 20, 2021
The Sin of Power Clarke Dixon March 27, 2021
A New Normal? Clarke Dixon April 03, 2021
Can We Trust John? Beginning of a Series on 1st John. Clarke Dixon April 10, 2021
A Light to See, Right Here Right Now Clarke Dixon April 22, 2021
Joining Team Jesus Clarke Dixon April 29, 2021
A New Old Commandment Clarke Dixon May 08, 2021
With So Many Opinions . . . Clarke Dixon May 13, 2021
Not Measuring Up? Clarke Dixon May 22, 2021
One Word to Capture the Essence of Christianity Clarke Dixon May 27, 2021
Test the Spirits! What Spirits? Clarke Dixon June 05, 2021
Love in a Loveless World Clarke Dixon June 10, 2021
Feeling Defeated? Losing the Battle? Clarke Dixon June 19, 2021
Are We Ready to Meet Our Maker or Do We Need to Try Harder? Clarke Dixon June 24, 2021
What I Love About Being a Christian, Despite My Misgivings About Christianity Clarke Dixon July 03, 2021
What I Love About Being a Baptist Despite My Misgivings About Baptists. Clarke Dixon July 09, 2021
What I Love About Being Our Kind of Baptist Despite My Misgivings About This Kind of Baptist. Clarke Dixon July 17, 2021
What I Love About the Bible Despite My Misgivings About the Bible Clarke Dixon August 01, 2021
In Repentance and Stress is Your Salvation? Clarke Dixon August 26, 2021
New Beginnings! (Thinking Back to Adam and Eve) Clarke Dixon September 02, 2021
New Beginnings. Same Old Problems. Clarke Dixon September 09, 2021
Onwards and Upwards? Clarke Dixon September 16, 2021
The Unpredictable Life Clarke Dixon September 23, 2021
Our True Home (and a Real Journey) Clarke Dixon October 02, 2021
Glass Half-Full or Glass Half-Empty? (Thinking Through Exodus 15) Clarke Dixon October 07, 2021
Decisions Decisions (Thinking Through Deuteronomy 30:15-20) Clarke Dixon October 16, 2021
Pray for the Enemy? Clarke Dixon October 23, 2021
Time for Excitement About God, But . . . (Thinking Through Ezra and Ruth) Clarke Dixon October 30, 2021
The Greatest New Beginning Ever Clarke Dixon November 06, 2021
Worldly or Christian? Challenged by Acts 10:34-48. Clarke Dixon November 13, 2021
3 Important Years for My Faith Clarke Dixon November 20, 2021
This is Not the Way Things Are Supposed to Be. Welcome to Advent! Clarke Dixon November 27, 2021
Adjusting to the New Reality? (A Sermon for Advent) Clarke Dixon December 04, 2021
When It All Seems Like Bad News - Celebrate Christmas! Clarke Dixon December 11, 2021
Not Sleeping at the Wheel on the Road to Bethlehem Clarke Dixon December 17, 2021
Are Our Divisions Worth Our Passion? Clarke Dixon January 08, 2022
Would We Have Turned Water into Wine? Do We? Clarke Dixon January 15, 2022

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