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Five Retirement Planning Myths Kent Patrick September 29, 2015
College Planning - Five Things to Avoid Kent Patrick October 13, 2015
2015 Year End Planning Kent Patrick November 17, 2015
2015 Year End Tax Preparation Kent Patrick December 02, 2015
Financial Resolutions for 2016 Kent Patrick December 09, 2015
Federal Reserve & Interest Rates Kent Patrick December 16, 2015
How an Inheritance Can Change Your Financial Picture Kent Patrick January 28, 2016
Putting Market Corrections into Perspective Kent Patrick February 18, 2016
Stock Market & Election Years Kent Patrick May 03, 2016
The Generational Transfer of Money Kent Patrick June 09, 2016
5 Brexit Takeaways for U.S. Investors Kent Patrick June 30, 2016
The Truth Behind Millennials & Student Loan Debt Kent Patrick September 15, 2016
6 Things to Know About Roth IRA Conversions Kent Patrick October 13, 2016
Year End Tax Tips Kent Patrick October 25, 2016
5 Ways to Increase Gratitude Kent Patrick November 22, 2016
5 Year End Tax Planning Tips Kent Patrick December 01, 2016
Back Door Roth Contributions Kent Patrick February 02, 2017
6 Things to Know About a Roth IRA Kent Patrick March 21, 2017
How Trump's Tax Plan Affects Retirement Kent Patrick May 02, 2017
Bush Wealth Scholarship Winner Kent Patrick June 01, 2017
Money Issues for Married Couples Kent Patrick June 13, 2017
Questions to ask your financial advisor regarding the DOL Fiduciary Rule Kent Patrick July 18, 2017
Handling Market Volatility Kent Patrick August 22, 2017
DOL seeks to delay fiduciary rule until July 2019 Kent Patrick August 15, 2017
7 Ways For Advisors To Help Shield Clients from Equifax Data Hack Kent Patrick September 14, 2017
Tax Loss Harvesting Kent Patrick October 26, 2017
6 Keys to More Successful Investing Kent Patrick November 30, 2017
How To Handle Market Volatility Kent Patrick February 08, 2018
2018 Tax Filing Errors To Avoid Kent Patrick February 15, 2018
5 Things That May Surprise You About Roth IRA's Kent Patrick May 18, 2018
Popular Questions Regarding Social Security Kent Patrick August 10, 2018
How To Plan For Long Term Care Kent Patrick August 30, 2018
Are Changes Ahead for Retirement Accounts? Kent Patrick September 05, 2018
How Midterm Elections Affect the Market Kent Patrick October 16, 2018
Medicare Open Enrollment Kent Patrick October 23, 2018
6 Important Elements Every Financial Plan Should Have Kent Patrick November 13, 2018
The Risks of Putting Too Much Money Into an Annuity Kent Patrick December 11, 2018
University System of Georgia Retirement Plan Changes Kent Patrick December 18, 2018
2019 New Years Resolutions Kent Patrick January 08, 2019
The Problem of Money Paralysis Kent Patrick May 28, 2019
Smart Financial Moves in Your 20s, 30s, 40s, & 50s Kent Patrick June 11, 2019
Financial Moves in Your 20s, 30s, 40s & 50s Kent Patrick June 11, 2019
Americans are losing trillions claiming social security at the wrong time Kent Patrick July 09, 2019
What Declining Interest Rates Could Mean for You Kent Patrick August 14, 2019
7 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Life Insurance Kent Patrick September 24, 2019
Tariffs Manufacturing Recession Kent Patrick September 03, 2019
Evaluating Your Advisor's Performance Kent Patrick October 22, 2019
Hidden Costs Managing Your Own Money Kent Patrick November 12, 2019
Five Ways To Make Giving a Family Affair This Holiday Season Kent Patrick November 19, 2019
New Years Financial Resolutions Kent Patrick December 03, 2019
7 Faulty Planning Assumptions to Avoid Kent Patrick December 10, 2019
2019 Taxes - 9 Things to Know Now Kent Patrick December 17, 2019
New Legislation Brings Retirement Changes Kent Patrick January 07, 2020
Financial Steps to Take When a Loved One Passes Kent Patrick January 21, 2020
Social Security Scams to Spot and Avoid Kent Patrick February 11, 2020
Covid-19 and Market Update Kent Patrick April 21, 2020
Thrift Savings Plan Udpate Kent Patrick May 19, 2020
Should I get out of the market until this calms down? Should I delay my retirement? Kent Patrick June 09, 2020
Trading vs. Investing Kent Patrick June 23, 2020
The 30 Best High-Paying Jobs of the Future Kent Patrick July 07, 2020
Should You Have More Than One Financial Advisor Kent Patrick July 21, 2020
Is there really a coin shortage?” Kent Patrick August 11, 2020
3 Retirement Income Mistakes to Avoid Kent Patrick August 25, 2020
8 Things You Need to Know About Your Inherited IRA Kent Patrick September 22, 2020
The Differences in Trumps and Bidens Tax Plans Kent Patrick October 06, 2020
Year end portfolio Checkup 6 Tax-Smart Tips Kent Patrick October 20, 2020
3 ways a contested election could play out and what that means for the Markets Kent Patrick November 17, 2020
New Year's Financial Resolutions: Get Your Finances in Shape for 2021 Kent Patrick December 08, 2020
Reasons to Consider a Roth IRA for Kids Kent Patrick March 09, 2021
Investing During Times of Inflation Kent Patrick March 30, 2021
The Best Investments for Young Adults Kent Patrick April 20, 2021
Watch out for this double whammy on required minimum distributions Kent Patrick May 04, 2021
The Factors Driving Cryptocurrency and the Challenges Ahead Kent Patrick May 18, 2021
5 Mistakes Couples Make When Planning for Retirement Kent Patrick June 01, 2021
Scholarship Winner Nathan Faircloth Kent Patrick June 15, 2021
A New Round of Surprise Tax Refunds is Coming. Will You Get One? Kent Patrick June 29, 2021
Busting 5 Myths and Misconceptions About Social Security Kent Patrick July 13, 2021
How Retirees Should Respond to Inflation Kent Patrick July 27, 2021
Strategies to Deal with Potential Capital Gain Tax Increases Kent Patrick August 17, 2021
Social Security Costs Expected to Exceed Total Income in 2021 as Covid-19 Takes Financial Toll Kent Patrick September 07, 2021
Market Volatility - When will the bubble burst? Kent Patrick September 21, 2021
Year End Financial Tips Kent Patrick October 05, 2021
How to Protect Your Portfolio From Inflation Kent Patrick October 19, 2021
Tips for New Investors Kent Patrick November 02, 2021
How Gratitude Can Help Your Financial Life Kent Patrick November 16, 2021
Tips for Teaching Children About Money Kent Patrick December 07, 2021
Financial New Year Resolutions Kent Patrick January 18, 2022
Recent Market Volatility Kent Patrick February 01, 2022
How Does the Stock Market React During War? Kent Patrick February 22, 2022
4 Tax Smart Moves You Can Still Make Kent Patrick March 08, 2022
Retirement Income Challenges You Might Not Expect Kent Patrick March 29, 2022
Spooked by market declines? Don’t Panic..S.T.O.P. Kent Patrick April 05, 2022
Everything Costs More and That is Disrupting Retirement Plans for Many Kent Patrick April 12, 2022
Recent Market Volatility May 2022 Kent Patrick May 03, 2022
How Retirees and Retirement Savers Can Navigate the Market Tumult Kent Patrick May 31, 2022
Stock Market Volatility, Recession Worries Return Kent Patrick June 21, 2022
Should I pay off debt or invest? Kent Patrick June 28, 2022
Suddenly alone? Where to turn after losing a spouse. Kent Patrick July 12, 2022
How Rising Interest Rates Affect Pension Lump Sum or Annuity Decisions Kent Patrick July 19, 2022
Ways the Inflation Reduction Act Could Change Life for Retirees Kent Patrick August 16, 2022
Market Volatility September 2022 Kent Patrick September 27, 2022
What Happens to my 401K if My Employer is Sold? Kent Patrick October 04, 2022
Most Common Money Traps to Avoid Kent Patrick October 11, 2022
Holidays and Inflation Kent Patrick November 22, 2022
401K and IRA Changes to Consider after Congress Revised Retirement Laws Kent Patrick January 03, 2023
How to Prepare Your Portfolio for a Recession Kent Patrick January 18, 2023
You May Live a Long Time, Make Sure you Don't Run Out of Money Kent Patrick February 14, 2023
Put Your Money To Work Kent Patrick February 28, 2023
How to be ready for retirement Kent Patrick March 28, 2023
Tax Moves you can still make for 2022 Kent Patrick April 04, 2023
Ways to Become a Better Money Manager Kent Patrick May 02, 2023
Tips for Early Retirement Kent Patrick May 30, 2023
If you could time a recession, would stocks beat cash Kent Patrick May 16, 2023
Life Expectancy in Retirement Kent Patrick June 20, 2023
Financial Independence-Retiring Early Kent Patrick July 18, 2023
What Steps Should You Take if You Were to Win the Lotto Kent Patrick August 01, 2023
National Debt Reaching $33 Trillion Kent Patrick September 26, 2023
The U.S. Dollar and Where it's Heading Kent Patrick October 11, 2023
Birthdays to Plan for During Retirement Kent Patrick October 24, 2023
Year End Financial Tips for 2023 Kent Patrick November 07, 2023
Charlie Munger- Tips for a Successful Work Life Kent Patrick December 05, 2023
The Importance of Diversifying Investments Over the Long-Term Kent Patrick January 16, 2024
RMD-Required Minimum Distributions Kent Patrick February 06, 2024
Investing During Election Years Kent Patrick March 19, 2024
Retirement Investment Scam Red Flags Kent Patrick April 02, 2024
Inheriting an IRA Kent Patrick May 07, 2024

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