Deborah is a consultant who is motivated to bring about meaningful and developmental growth, to help individuals and/organizations reach their potential. Deborah is an experienced professional who brings with her twenty years in the ministry, as a Pastor of a local church, a counselor in marriage and family, a daily radio broadcast, a seminar speaker, communication feedback, problem solver, and conflict management professional. Deborah places a high value on education and learning, self-awareness, and growth. She is knowledgeable, well-informed, and familiar with life issues and their affect on an individual. A cancer survivor, Deborah, strives to live life to its fullest making daily decisions that influence and bring about positive results both for her individually and for all those she comes into contact with.

Recent Messages

Title Speaker Date
Understanding the Power of Emotions II Deborah Roth January 28, 2007
Understand the Power of Emotions I Deborah Roth January 28, 2007

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