Christianity and Enneagram Podcast Number 5 - The Investigator

Series: The Enneagram and the life of Faith

March 22, 2020
Langdon Palmer

Join us as we dig into Enneagram Personality Type #5 - the Investigator also known as the Observer, Could this be the way you or someone you love is wired ? Investigators are highly Observant, Innovative, Perceptive, Impartial, Independent, Cerebral, and Withdrawn. They are motivated by a desire to understand. They take in information through intense focus and therefore can develop complex ideas and skills. They are often introverted and analytical. They can be visionary pioneers but they can also be isolated and eccentric and withholding. Core Need: The need to perceive. Core Desire: To be capable, knowledgeable, and competent Core Fear: Being incapable, stupid, overwhelmed by others. Primary Temptation: an Endless pursuit of Knowledge. They can experience the world as intrusive, overwhelming and draining. So they often retreat into the safety of their mind and the world of ideas. It asks for more than they want or think they have to give. Demand exceeds Supply. Root Sin: Greed – hoarding what they have and withholding knowledge or affection.

Episode Notes

This series draws heavily from “The Road Back to You” by Cron and Stabile.
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