Chapter 10 Ceasefire!

Series: What Is Your Life Worth

August 31, 2021
Shawn Chris King

LAST CHAPTER! Living our lives daily with acknowledging the Lord, we can see His worth. God’s worth was, and is, displayed for us from the time of creation, the sustainability of man and everything in existence, as well as the authority of our salvation. To know that only One has this worth; also, the Lord God sent His Son to die on the cross, a bloody death. He took on the evil that we so loved, plus His wrath that we so deserve on the cross. To those who believe we have worth in Him we receive eternal life and a right relationship with Him now. It is a onetime deal; this salvation is a free gift from the Lord Himself. Today is a day to believe and trust in His worth and not hold fast thinking we can do good works to make God happy but knowing that Christ paid the price for us to be pleasing to Him. Once we draw nearby faith, then we can see His faithfulness in our lives. Also on a audiobook: Message me for a promo code for the audiobook! ‬‬.

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