Sermon 7.5.20 Under Pressure

Series: Unstoppable God

July 05, 2020
Jay Vanderbur

The early church boldly stepped out to share the message of Jesus. Many responded to the message, but some opposed it. In an early encounter with the authorities Peter and John were warned not to speak or teach again in the name of Jesus... or else! The pressure was on! Their response wasn’t political... and it wasn’t philosophical. It was awe... awe at what they had seen this Jesus do and awe at what they had heard him say! They had seen things that they couldn’t un-see and heard things that they could not forget! They were eyewitnesses to God’s move in their midst and no matter what pressure was put on them - no matter the odds stacked against them, they could not be quiet! “As for us, we cannot help speaking about what we have seen and heard.” - Acts 4:20

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