5.28.23 - Abraham

Series: Daddy Issues

May 29, 2023
Jay Vanderbur

At the end of Genesis 21, life finally seemed to be settling down for Abraham... But in Genesis 22, God showed up asking for the unimaginable - to literally offer Abraham’s son, Isaac up to God. Abraham had to be experiencing anguish and agony as he and Isaac go on a father/son road trip. In the end, God steps in to provide a substitute. Hundreds of years later, another son of promise is placed on the wood and offered up, but this time it is God’s one and only Son. God spared Abraham and Isaac, but He did not spare himself to rescue us! As we begin our next sermon series titled, “Daddy Issues: God’s Amazing Grace for Fathers.” This series will help us to see how various fathers in the Bible were deeply flawed, but amazingly used, often in-spite of themselves.

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