4.9.23 - Easter

Series: The Gospel of Luke

April 09, 2023
Jay Vanderbur

In Luke 24 we meet two people walking down the road leaving Jerusalem heading to a town called Emmaus. They face real obstacles to continued belief in Jesus. For them the reality of Roman crucifixion meant the end of the hope that Jesus brought. They have heard some wild speculation about strange occurrences at His tomb, but how do they know what to believe? On the road they meet a stranger - He explains to them a different perspective - they had been hoping that God’s long story would redeem his people FROM suffering, but the stranger explained that God’s story was about how he would redeem his people THROUGH suffering! Eventually their eyes were opened, and their hearts were set ablaze - Jesus had risen from the dead and nothing would be the same again! Maybe you are on your own road to Emmaus - disappointed and disoriented - not really sure what to believe. Could it be that Jesus has been there all along and you haven’t recognized Him?

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