12.03.23 - O' Come O' Come, Emmanuel

Series: Let Heaven and Nature Sing

December 03, 2023
Jay Vanderbur

There are some beautiful things about winter, but the winter season brings less daylight and less warmth - we see all around us creation going dormant. It's fitting for us that the season of Advent coincides with the season of winter, God's creation gives us a powerful reminder each year as we go through winter that spring is coming - light is coming, warmth is coming, new life is coming! This what our hearts long for - for God to come, to show up - to show up in the hard things and joyous things, the planned for things and the extraordinary things. Advent reminds us that deep under the surface and out of our sight, God is working - He always has been, and He always will and one day He will come again!

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