10.15.23 - Love Your Church

Series: Love Your Church

October 15, 2023
Jay Vanderbur

I will never forget something I saw on one of the first trips I made to see my oldest daughter at college. There alongside the interstate was a church. The church had a large sign that everyone passing by could see. What did the church sign say that day? It said, “Church shopping? We’re open Sundays at 9am!” That is kind of a funny thing to say, but it reflects a cultural attitude that has seeped into modern American church life – that Church is a product to consume (i.e., you can consume it in-person or online as long as you consume it) and that you can treat Church like a consumer (as long as the product is appealing and the costumer service is excellent, then I am in, otherwise easy come, easy go). I am painting with a broad brush with my examples here, and I know that finding the right church family to belong to can be a challenge, but the Church is so much bigger – it’s too important – to treat with a consumer mindset! What is the Church? The Church is the vehicle of God’s grace – loving, caring, and demonstrating God’s grace toward one another and sharing hope with a broken world! The Church is the body of Christ – where each member is valuable and has a purpose! The Church is the bride of Christ – sacrificially loved and cared for by Jesus and eagerly waiting to be united with Him! Join us Sunday at 9:30am as we begin a new sermon series called, “Love Your Church.” In this series we will consider NOT how to treat the Church like a consumer, but instead will answer the question, “How can I LOVE my church?”

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