Summary of Malachi

Series: Bible Studies

April 11, 2022
Harvey Smith

This is an introduction and summary of the book of Malachi. In this study we hope to discover the importance of Malachi being included in the Cannon of scriptures and what the message of Malachi means to us today.

Episode Notes

Outline of Malachi

        I.            The love of God for Israel, Chapter 1:1-5

a.      I have loved you, vv.1-2

b.      Wherein hast thou loved us? v.2

c.      In prosperity above the descendants of Esau, vv.3-5

    II.            The priests reproved, Chapter 1:6-2:9

a.      Where is my honor? vv.1:6

b.      Where have we despised your name? vv.6

                                                              i.      In irreligiousness, vv.7-13

1.      Defiling the Alter, v.7

2.      Dishonorable gifts, v.8

3.      Favoritism, v. 9

                                                            ii.      You have dishonored God vv. 10-12

1.      You have left me out of your worship, v.10

2.      I will bring my own honor, v.11

3.      I do not want your offering, v.12

                                                          iii.      You have cursed God in you hearts, v. 13

c.      Curses and corrections earned, vv.1:14-2:9

  III.            The people reproved, Chapter 2:10-17

a.      Strange marriages, v11

b.      Treachery, v.13

c.      Impiety, v. 17

  IV.            The prediction of the two messengers, Chapter 3:1-6

a.      One prepares the way for the other (v.1)

b.      The other is the one they waited for (v.1)

                                                              i.      He will appear suddenly – unexpected (v.1)

                                                            ii.      His coming is imminent (v.1)

                                                          iii.      He will purify and restore the priesthood (vv.2-3)

                                                          iv.      He will bear witness against the wicked (v.5)

                                                            v.      He will remember his love of Jacob (v.6)

    V.            The people rebuked for religious sins, Chapter 3:7-18

a.      Turning from the ordinances of God, v.7

b.      Robbing God in Tithes and Offerings, vv.8-12

c.      Desecrating the name of God, vv.13-15

d.      Promised blessings to them that fear God, v.16-17

  VI.            The prediction of the day of the Lord and of the Sun of Righteousness who ushers it in, Chapter 4

a.      Judgement of the wicked, v.2

b.      Promise of Elijah, v.5

c.      Elijah’s mission, v.6


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