God Had Something Better - Hebrews 11:26-40, 12:1-2

Series: Faith and Realities

August 12, 2022
Pastor Hans Peters

Thinking about Moses here -have you ever wondered how his parents must have felt, putting him into a little reef basket and floating him down the Nile? Those parents must have been believers who had incredible faith that God would take care of their boy Moses. I believe God has a plan for every person, and I believe that our most important task as parents is to pray for our children and prepare them for the work God has planned for them to do. If you would like to see the video version of this message, please check it out at: https://www.ustepin.com We do our best to provide a new message every week. If you would like to support the creation of these messages, you may do so by e-transferring your support to giving@ustepin.com (please note, for now no tax receipts will be issued)

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