What Will You Tolerate

January 15, 2023
Pastor Jack Ward

We used to tolerate people who believe in the Bible and Biblical standards. But not any more. The enemies of truth call for tolerance but actually try to silence and destroy the truth. They call for tolerance for what they believe but try to silence all criticism of it. And they can’t take any criticism at all! They fall apart and or get raging mad! They are indeed snowflakes that melt with the least bit of heat. The Bible talks about Leaven or yeast that makes the dough rise. It doesn’t take much leaven to make the batter rise when baked. People will tolerate a little sin but don’t realize it soon turns into a big problem. COPD is due to a little cigarette. Sudden deaths happening all over the world due to a little jab. A little leaven leaveneth the whole loaf.

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