What Is So Important About Israel

May 07, 2023
Pastor Jack Ward

5/7/2023 Zechariah 12:2-3 What Is So Important About Jerusalem? Intro: Jerusalem and Israel is the land of promise. It is God’s covenant land. God made a covenant with Abraham in Genesis 12:1. They would be the people to whom God would introduce Himself to the world. Through Israel God told man what was expected of them. That was the law. Then when the time was right Jesus Christ (a Jew) was born and lived, and died and rose again so that we might be saved. Then came the Bible through the Jews. They had much expected of them. They suffered for their own sins while God allowed other nations to be seemingly get away with wickedness. God even used wicked nations to bring judgment against Israel. But no one gets away with evil. So they have lived under God’s microscope for centuries and they will be judged one final seven year period for their unbelief, sin and rejection of Jesus Christ. Then God will be recognized as their God when Jesus Christ returns to rule and reign over His people in a glorious kingdom.

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