What God Did For Us

September 19, 2021
Pastor Jack Ward

What is the best thing someone ever did for you? Well your mother did a wonderful thing of bringing you into the world. Your spouse did a wonderful thing by marrying you. Soldiers have done a great thing for you by giving their life for your freedom. Your company did a good thing by giving you a job. The bank did a good thing by giving you the money to by a car or buy a house. So people have done many great things for us. But can you believe that most people could care less about these things? They sure don’t care what God has done for them. What did God do for us? He gave us life. He gave us a family. He gave us a spouse, put us in a free country, gave us a job, a house, a car, children and grandchildren and pretty good health for many of us. But we have left out the most important things God has done for us…

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