What Are You Anchored To?

August 18, 2019
Pastor Jack Ward

A ship or boat has to be anchored or it will drift away. The other day we were on our boat and we saw a very nice spot on the lake and decided to anchor there and enjoy the beach area. I thought I had my boat anchored. I looked up and without even realizing it we had drifted way down the shore line. Well I then re-anchored. The boat finally seemed secure. A little while later several boats sped by and the wake tossed our boat around as is usual when boats pass by. No problem I thought. A few minutes later to my shock we had drifted down the shore line again. This time we went even further down the shore line. We decided to leave that area and anchor somewhere else. The point is this….. Practically, If you are not anchored properly in a boat you will drift away. Spiritually, if you are not anchored properly in Jesus you will drift away. It’s not the anchor’s fault. It‘s not the boats fault. It’s the one who chooses to let down the anchor who must assure that the boat is anchors securely. There are three reasons we are anchored safely in Christ.

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