We Are Sunk Without Jesus

October 20, 2019
Pastor Jack Ward

The unbeatable Georgetown University basketball team was beaten in 1985 by Villanova. The unbelievable happened when president Kennedy was assassinated on a Dallas street in 1963. The Titanic was called unsinkable and sank on its maiden voyage in 1912. In fact, there is a Titanic II being built as an exact replica of the original Titanic. It was to launch in 2016, then delayed until 2018 now it’s up to 2022. Would you want to get on that ship? I don’t think so…. Man is not perfect and the world is not perfect so things break down and fail, people die and ships sink. Life is not perfect, bad things happen to all of us, our bodies break down and fail, people sink and die. But….then there is Jesus……

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