Three Things We Ought To Know

August 22, 2021
Pastor Jack Ward

Things we do are important. We can do wrong things. We can do right things. What we do is based on personal choice. What we know leads to understanding and making good decisions. We know for instance that China wants the three trillion dollar rare earth minerals in Afghanistan. We know that China is in Afghanistan. We know that our fake president loves China. We figure out that the United States pulled out of Afghanistan in order to give it to China. Now it makes sense. Now taking the vaccine is your business and no one else’s. If you have taken the vaccine that is your decision. I don’t want you to feel scared or alarmed. God will take care of all of us. No one should be mandated to take this vaccine…no one! It is experimental, it is not approved by the FDA. But once it is approved you will have to take it. Children and anyone under 30 should absolutely NOT take it. But for the rest of us it’s Your choice. But realize as of today in the US it has injured almost 600 thousand and killed over 13 thousand people in America and know one says a word about that in the media. But while there is not much we can know about vaccines and Afghanistan and China there are three things we can know and ought to know…..

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