Three Things Everyone Will Do

April 11, 2021
Pastor Jack Ward

Very rarely do people agree on everything. I can’t really think of one thing. People are different with different likes and desires. God made us like that. God didn’t want cookie cutter people. He didn’t want robots. He created people in His image which means we think for ourselves, we are self aware, that is we have plans, we love, we like, we have a will and desires for self fulfilment. Hopefully all in the perameters of seeking God’s guidance for our lives. We have limits and those limits are things that God has deemed wicked and harmful to ourselves and others. Even though we have the free will to do those things, God will limit them in order to keep us from usurping His will. So…even though we don’t agree on everything there are three things every human that has ever lived and will live will do and be agreeable on it and be glad to do it well maybe some not so glad…..

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