The World's Obession With Death

October 31, 2021
Pastor Jack Ward

The world is obsessed with death. We do everything to avoid it. We make gory movies about it. We invent a holiday Halloween that is all about death. Every image of Halloween is death. Ghosts, devils, graves, headstones, graveyards, grim reaper and on and on. We fear death! Death makes us all afraid. We spend billions perhaps trillions every year to keep from dying. Medicines, exercise equipment, vitamins, doctors, nursing homes, exotic therapies and on and on. The elites are doing everything they can to give themselves eternal life through artificial Intelligence and weird things with Children’s blood and sacrifices to Satan. Notice how the George Soro’s, the Klaus Scwaab’s, the Pope, and all these guys are all very old men. How do they continue? It’s weird. They seem to have overcome death. But they will die. Everyone dies that has rejected Jesus Christ. They die twice….. physically and spiritually. The Bible is filled with death. But the Bible is filled with the answer to death and hope after death.

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