The Temptations Of Jesus

January 27, 2020
Pastor Jack Ward

Everyone gets tempted. Satan started this in the garden of Eden. I can in fact resist anything but temptation! God cannot temp us and will not tempt us with evil. But Satan never gets weary of tempting and deceiving and lying. James 1:14 says that man sins due to the lust of his own heart. So don’t sin because you are tempted, you sin because you are a sinner. Temptation is just the vehicle or the pathway to sin. Jesus could not sin because He was NOT a sinner by nature. He was NOT the son of Adam but the Son of God! He was born a man and lived as a man on the earth but He was conceived by the Holy Spirit of God. But Satan tried to get Jesus to do anything to avoid the cross. Satan knew that Jesus would have to die. Way back in Genesis God said about Satan thou shalt bruise His heal, he will bruise thy head. Satan would bring a devastating blow to Jesus but he would not kill Him for He would rise again. Satan’s power would be eventually destroyed by Jesus.

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