The Satanic Conspiracy

October 25, 2020
Pastor Jack Ward

Conspiracies can be good or bad. But they are always with us, they are real. If you believe in conspiracies, you are thought of as a person who wears a tin foil hat who sits in their parent’s basement all day on social media. There is the conspiracy theories to turn our nation into a socialist, Marxist nation. There is the conspiracy theories of the Bilderburgers, Club of Rome, Illuminati, Skull and Crossbones, Council on Foreign Relations, etc, etc. There is a real conspiracy behind all of these conspiracies. Satan is conspiring with demons and with willing or unwilling humans to push his agenda and his purposes. God is not conspiring because He is God. He doesn’t need anyone or anything. But He chooses to work with us and for us…. to bring about His will in this world. How is Satan conspiring to conceal the truth? Let’s look.

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