The Rest Of The Story

March 08, 2020
Pastor Jack Ward

Remember Paul Harvey and “the rest of the story.” A daily radio program that aired for forty some years. He told the story behind the story. The Church had only heard part of what God was going to do for them and in them. The apostles were told by Jesus that He would send the Holy Spirit to them and they would have power. That would be the start of the church. They would do signs and wonders. Before they did signs, God gave them a sign…they spoke in known languages praising God and speaking what the Holy Spirit told them to say. Of course, the Holy Spirit always points to Jesus. This story is not about speaking in tongues. No it’s much more than that. We have the rest of this story as Peter gets up to speak and explain what just happened. He uses Joel 2:28-32. Let’s see what Peter says

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