The Plot Against God

October 24, 2021
Pastor Jack Ward

Covid, Same sex marriage, Abortion, Transgenderism, Islam, the Pope, Covid, Vaccine mandates, all this stuff is just war against God and His creation. Man is trying to make man in His image. Should I say the devil is trying again to remake man into his image with MRNA vaccines, and DNA altering shots that will kill millions and those that survive (the devil doesn’t want every human to survive just a select few that he can breed a new mankind) will be made in the devil’s image. God is going to stop this as He did in the days of Noah. Why do men seem to hate God and resist God? It’s his fallen nature to resist God. Man has as wicked heart that resists God. But God loves us and we can have and must have a new heart, a forgiven and cleansed heart from the penalty of our sin and rebellion.

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